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Meet The Incompatibles
The non-original inks and toners that could play havoc with your Brother printer

Meet The Incompatibles

When you’ve invested in a high quality Brother printer, you expect the best results every time. That means using Brother Original inks and toners. Because when you don’t, not only do you run the risk of The Incompatibles severely affecting the quality of your prints, they might also cause lasting damage to your printer.

They're right little monsters...

The Fader

One thing you want to see is every last detail of your print.

Which isn’t easy when The Fader gets to work. Because, over time, he’ll make sure that the dots on the I’s and the crosses on the T’s fade away.

The Mucky Pup

This mucky pup is the messiest of the lot.

Leaves you with a murky mess on your hands wherever he goes. And because he leaks inside the machine too, he might even break your printer.

The Destructor

Now you really don't want to bump into The Destructor

This clumsy old oaf is the reason for those annoying blocked nozzles. Those damaged fuser units. And that frustrating paper jam on the day of the important presentation. In fact, he’s the reason why you’ll have to dip into your pockets to get a brand new printer.

The Blur

Meet The Blur

This little guy moves so fast he smudges, smears and blurs everything he touches. He cross contaminates colours and even streaks. Nobody wants to see that.

Mr Inconsistent

Last but not least. Mr Inconsistent.

You want a printer you can rely on. One that offers value for money. You’re in safe hands with Brother. Yet if you use some non-original inks and toners you could easily bump into Mr. Inconsistent - a slippery character who hardly ever delivers a consistent print volume.

Brother Originals - 100% no monster guarantee

Now meet The Originals

The Brother original supplies that work in perfect harmony with Brother printers.

Manufactured to the highest possible standards, Brother Original Ink and Toner Supplies guarantee effortless performance, every time. Precision engineered and rigorously tested for optimum print quality, with these little angels on your side you won’t be troubled by those pesky monsters.
Use Brother original supplies for a 100% no monster guarantee.

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