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An engineer using a PT-E110 electricians handheld label printer in front of cupboard doors in a home environment

Choosing a handheld printer

Choosing the best style of thermal handheld printer will all depend on what you’ll primarily use it for; be that laminated labels, tickets, receipts, or signage. Thermal printers are unique in that they use heat-sensitive rolls to ‘burn’ text and images to thermal paper, producing cost-effective and smudge-resistant prints without the need for consumables like ink cartridges and toner.

Our P-touch labeller range features portable handheld printers that are perfect for both work and leisure use. Producing quick and easy-to-read labels, it’ll help keep you organised in the office, at home, and anywhere in between. The P-touch series is also great for those that work in more technical fields, producing barcoded labels in mere moments. A durable range with laminated labels that have been tested to the extreme.

Then there’s our RuggedJet range. Direct thermal handheld printers are ideal for helping run events, or if your business doesn’t stay in one spot. Each model can produce receipts, tickets, quotes and invoices on the go, with speed and efficiency every time. They’re also extremely robust and can be used in almost any indoor situation.

A retail sales assistant holding a tablet device with a Brother RJ Series label printer clipped onto her belt

Various uses of handheld printers

Fitting comfortably into the palm of your hand, or clipping neatly onto your belt, a thermal handheld printer enables quick and effective printing for any industry.

From on-site safety labelling, to business receipts for your clients or invoices out in the field; the uses of portable handheld printers are almost endless.

You’ll find an extensive range of supplies for all our handheld printers. From ribbons in various styles, colours and sizes; to receipt rolls and even thermal label paper, we’ve got your needs covered.

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The electrical labelling kit with everything you need

The PT-E550 bundle comprises the PT-E550WVP with carry case, pouch, charger and battery, plus the PT-E100 labelling machine with four free tapes.

  • Prints hard-wearing labels up to 24mm wide
  • Efficient performance - up to 30mm per second print
  • Wide choice of industry templates and symbols
  • QWERTY style keyboard + backlit LCD screen
  • Extensive range of tapes and heat shrink tubes available
  • Cable Label app - Our dedicated free app for iOS and Android devices provides a vast range of templates to meet the Wiring Regulations and allows custom templates to be made
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Portable Wi-Fi certified label printer to produce ANSI/TIA-606-C and ISO/IEC 14763-2 compliant labels for cables, patch panels, faceplates, equipment and more. Uses durable P-touch Pro Tapes for reliable, long-term labelling.

Wi-Fi enabled label printer for network infrastructure identification

  • Dedicated functions for cable, patch panel and faceplate labelling
  • Free app to print multiple cable IDs stored in your Fluke Networks Linkware Live account
  • Design and print labels from your PC
  • Advanced cutter keeps labels in sequential order and easy-to-peel
  • Includes self-laminating and strong adhesive tapes, AC adapter, li-ion battery and carry case
  • Prints 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24mm labels
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Compact and stylish label and ribbon printer. Available in craft retailers.

  • Create durable, colourful labels up to 12mm in width
  • Also print customised messages on ribbons for gift wrapping and events
  • Iron-on tape available for marking children's clothing with their name
  • Include text, emoji, frames and symbols
  • Labels and ribbons available in a wide range of colours and types
  • Battery operated for portable use around the home
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A powerful apprentice for electricians which comes with an added carry case 

  • Create durable labels up to 12mm in width
  • Dedicated functions for common labelling tasks
  • 200 symbols including electrician, audio visual and Network Infrastructure
  • Built-in cutter for accurate labelling
  • Includes AC adapter, full length 8m flexi id black on white tape cassette and handy carry case
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SRP £71.99 Inc. VAT | SRP £59.99 Ex. VAT

Leave the mark of a smart professional

  • Prints hard-wearing labels up to 24mm wide
  • Up to 30mm per second print speed + 7 lines of print
  • QWERTY style keyboard + 16 character, 3-line backlit LCD screen
  • Heat shrink tube labels compatible + 384 symbols available
  • Automatic (full and half) cutter
  • Comes with carry case, wrist strap, USB cable, 24mm and 12mm tape, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
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SRP £226.80 Inc. VAT | SRP £189.00 Ex. VAT

The powerful label maker for your office or garden

  • Backlit graphic display - Easy-to-read text and the ability to preview your label before printing
  • Customise labels using a choice of 14 fonts, 126 frames and over 600 symbols
  • Print from a PC using the P-touch Editor software
  • QWERTY style keyboard
  • Handheld design and battery power lets you print labels wherever they are required
  • Powered by standard alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries, an optional AC adapter and Li-ion rechargeable battery
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SRP £119.99 Inc. VAT | SRP £99.99 Ex. VAT

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