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Productivity, technology and the home working revolution

During lockdown, the way Britain works changed almost overnight.

Productivity, technology and the home working revolution infographic

Almost half (49.2%) of us were working from home during April, 2020, compared with just over five per cent during 2019.

This would not have been possible without the technology and digital skills for workers to stay connected.

And the ability to work from home hasn’t just helped firms continue to function during lockdown, more than half of the 501 IT decision makers we surveyed for this research said home working had actually made them more productive.

Home working

  • 94% allow at least some staff to work remotely
  • 63% said more staff could work from home if we had better IT
  • 69% said more staff were working from home since COVID-19 and they expect this to continue
  • 62% say staff have the tools to work productively from home
  • 57% say home working has actually improved their productivity
  • But 69% say staff could home work more productively with better tools
  • 85% plan to invest in tech to make home workers more productive in the next year

Technology investment

They’re planning to ramp up their IT investment by an average 10% in the next year.

They will invest in:

  • Remote working tools 86%
  • Collaboration software 83%
  • Modern hardware 75%
  • Automation 64%
  • Managed IT services 63%
  • Outsourced IT support 55%


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