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Our free report will show you how a smart labelling strategy can plug the gaps in your supply chain. Find out how to keep everything just where it needs to be and free your business from costly errors.

Featuring comprehensive research from leading B2B market intelligence and consulting firm VDC Research, our report explores everything from understanding the hidden costs your warehouse may be facing, to fixing costly barcode errors.

What is included in the report?

  1. What makes effective barcode labelling so important?

    Why efficient barcode labelling is crucial to running a cost effective supply chain.

  2. How to solve operational issues with barcode labelling?

    Simple solutions to rid your supply chain of labelling errors.

  3. What causes barcode labelling errors?

    Problems European companies have faced during the pandemic.

  4. What is the true cost of labelling errors?

    Examples of what you could be facing if your barcode labelling solutions aren’t running smoothly.

  5. How to reduce errors through labelling automation

  6. How you can use modern technologies to improve efficiencies across your warehousing operation.

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There are both tangible as well as hidden/intangible costs associated with errors. Even a minor mistake can lead to sending the wrong product to the wrong customer, inventory/stock mismanagement, and disruption to the supply chain

Given the sheer volume of labels being printed every day, errors do happen due to manual processes. This leads to customer dissatisfaction, which can prove to be very costly to the business in the long run.


Source: European Logistics Services Provider

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