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What's included in the whitepaper?


In this whitepaper, we take an in-depth look at the multifaceted considerations that businesses need to consider in RFID projects. We also explain why the advantages of using barcodes may outweigh those of RFID, making them a suitable alternative.


The automatic identification process

When and where goods are identified.


Understanding RFID implementation

The key considerations for RFID technology.


Introducing RFID into your warehouse

The strategic and technical factors.


RFID or barcodes - which is best?

Does RFID have the edge over traditional barcode labels?


Download the whitepaper and feel better prepared to decide which technology is the right for your warehouse. 

RFID is a valuable technical tool that can be used to increase transparency, quality and efficiency in logistics processes. However, achieving this requires a major process overhaul. 


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