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ADS3600W with Image and Scanner Interface Specification (ISIS) driver

ISIS - Image and Scanner Interface Specification

ISIS (Image and Scanner Interface Specification) has become the industry standard method of digitising documents, specially developed to store hardcopy documents to electronic archives and giving clear, accurate and secure results with more control over image quality. 

It offers maximum compatibility not only with leading document management software such as Documentum, eCopy, Kofax and more, but also with sophisticated IT systems using CITRIX and Terminal Services environments. 

By introducing a consistent interface across different platforms, ISIS reduces the costs of implementation, training and maintenance.


ADS-2700W with TWAIN driver


TWAIN is an industry standard software interface used to transfer still images into applications from Brother scanners on Windows PC and Apple Mac computers. The TWAIN standard is published, maintained, promoted and supported by the TWAIN Working Group.


Abbreviated as WIA, Windows Image Acquisition is a device driver interface (DDI) and an API that is used for acquiring digital images from Brother scanners and transferring them to the user‘s computer system.

ADS-3600W wireless desktop document scanner with SANE


Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) is an application programming interface that provides standardised access to any raster image scanner hardware. 

The standardised interface makes it possible to write just one driver for each scanner device instead of one driver for each scanner and application.


Image capture is an application program from Apple that enables users to upload documents from Brother scanners, which are either connected directly to the computer or the network.