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Why choose Brother for shop floor print and scan solutions?

The shop floor is where technology can have the greatest impact on customer experience. 

Embracing shop floor printing and scanning technology can make a significant difference to customer purchasing decisions.  

Brother’s retail team understands how technology can improve the in store experience. We work with our retail partners to create bespoke shop floor print and scan solutions.

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Benefits of Brother retail shop floor solutions

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Better customer experience

Small footprint or portable printing on the shop floor, reducing back office trips

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Portable devices for remarking and pricing directly in the aisle

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Seamless integration with existing systems for capturing customer data and updating stock databases

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Custom solutions

Specialist solutions for improved workflow, security and device management

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Price markdowns

In-store employees are constantly balancing delivering the best customer experience with the time pressures of a fast-paced environment, whether they work in grocery or on the high street.

Our range of specialist solutions allow retailers to connect to existing systems securely to rapidly identify and price sale items with clear and accurate labelling.

And they can boost productivity by enabling employees to print markdown labels and barcodes already programmed into the system, without having to leave the shop floor.

Offering extensive connectivity options, including NFC, BT and Wi-Fi, staff can quickly pair a printer to their device and stay connected, speeding up labelling tasks and freeing-up employees to focus on delivering the best customer experience.

Our custom label solutions help retailers create reliable, accurate labels for any price markdown application. With standout colours such as yellow, orange and red, it’s easy for reduced and promotional products to be identified.

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Buy online, pick-up in store

For retailers providing buy online, pick-up in store delivery options, speed and accuracy are essential ingredients in giving customers a seamless purchasing experience.

Our fast and reliable print and labelling solutions help streamline this end-to-end process. With easy integration into existing stock management systems all labels and barcodes provide up to date information, increasing accuracy and efficiency – from product picking in the warehouse to matching customer information at the service point.

To support a variety of applications, our devices can print a range of barcodes that give users more information when they scan, including 2D data matrix barcodes, such as QR codes, and GS1 compliant barcodes to support efficiency, safety and visibility in the supply chain.

In retail, the purchasing journey doesn’t stop at the shop door and providing customers with added convenience, such as ready prepared returns labels, is a must. Our custom label solutions help retailers create reliable, accurate labels for any specialist application, giving customers the simple, seamless experience they’ve come to expect.

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Capturing customer data

Capture customer ID for high value purchases from the shop floor without compromising on security . 

  • Fast scanning facility at the point-of-sale. No need to leave the customer
  • Confidential customer data, saved directly to the network
  • Seamless integration with back-office systems

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Retail label printing

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Find out how Brother’s range of reliable shop floor retail labelling solutions can support you in speeding up processes, improving accuracy, and providing a better customer experience.  And explore additional resources on retail label printing here.

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