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On-Person Printing

Introducing the world's thinnest portable printer - slim, lightweight and compact. 

The Brother MW range: the ultimate in professional mobile printing.

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Small device. Big innovation.

Brother's sleek, lightweight, portable printers are perfect for people on the move, especially if your office happens to be the great outdoors.

Mobile technology has transformed the way in which companies can support field teams, improve the management of resources and increase productivity. Brother's MW range of mobile printers is designed to support mobile workers, enabling them to print quickly and efficiently at professional quality.

Connect anywhere.

Using Bluetooth technology, a the MW portable printer range connects wirelessly to a mobile device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone to produce instant, high-quality printouts.

This optimises workflow and cuts costs, saving duplication of input by back office staff, while reducing the amount of paperwork mobile workers need to carry.

The devices can also be adjusted to different levels of security required by various organisations, ensuring that critical information remains protected when accessed remotely.

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Case Studies

Hillarys Blinds

Our sleek, lightweight A7 portable printers have been an integral part of Hillarys' field sales mobile solution since 2005.