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The challenge

Small and hard to read ticket printing wasn’t delivering the information customers required, damaging the brand image.

The solution

A time-saving portable A4 printing solution with the Brother PJ-762 thermal printer.

The results

The new solution saved time and increased productivity while reinforcing a professional brand image for Soto Café.

“With the new Brother PJ-762 printer, we have improved print quality and our customer image, something that is essential if we want to survive in a market as competitive as the current one.”

Gloria Vela, Head of Soto Café Administration

Pioneers in coffee

Founded in the 1940s in Seville, Southern Spain, Soto Café was a pioneer in the packaging of sugar in Andalusia. Starting with the distribution of boxed sugar, the company grew until it became a distributor for a range of coffee-related products in the food and hospitality industry.

In the 1990s, the company set itself the goal of maintaining the essence of a family business while modernising for the 21st century. Part of this modernisation is still being carried out today with a strong commitment to the environment in the use of all its packaging - seeking maximum energy efficiency in their facilities and using biodegradable and recycled materials.

Soto Café have modernised the machinery in all their roasting and packaging processes so they can trace their supply chain from coffee bean right through to coffee cup. Multiple protocols have also been introduced for quality control to ensure that each kilo of coffee roasted in its facilities is of the best quality.

Scaling up from expresso to grande size

Soto Café needed to improve the mobile document printing their drivers carried out for sales made on the road because their existing solution did not suit the needs of their customers and harmed their corporate image.

Soto Café drivers have a sales route established every day and for each visit they must generate a delivery note and / or invoice. Printing documents without any errors was essential for their business.

Previously, the drivers used a direct thermal mobile printing solution for merchandise delivery notes and invoices for products sold on the move. The solution they were using was producing three inch tickets which were too small to include all the necessary information, made it difficult for the client to read and were hard to archive.

Soto Café decided they needed to generate A4 documents instead, to include more details of the operation while improving the format and quality of printing.

The company opted for Brother’s PJ-762 mobile printers to cut down on unnecessary expenses from the previous solution and produce more professional quality documents to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Person installing a print cartridge into a Brother PJ-762 mobile document printer

PJ-762 mobile document printer

  • No need for ink with direct thermal print technology
  • Briefcase and in-vehicle integrated solutions available
  • Flexible paper options and low consumable costs

View the PJ-762 mobile printer

Sales person printing an invoice on a Brother PJ-762 mobile printer, installed on the dashboard of a Soto Café field sales vehicle

Portable A4 printing for field sales

Mobile printing for field sales

To overcome their challenges, Soto Café deployed Brother PJ-762 ultra-portable thermal printers which, being compatible with Android and offering integrated Bluetooth and USB connectivity, allowed printing whenever and wherever needed. PJ printers offer professional-quality documents in A4 format, printing at a speed of 8 pages per minute.

In addition, Soto Café implemented optional accessories to complete their solution:

  • The PVC case which allows installation of the printer in vehicles and grants IP54 level protection.
  • The vehicle charger which ensures the printer is always ready to print without having to charge the batteries in a socket outlet.

With these Brother accessories, Soto Café has been able to adapt to the needs of their drivers and customers, providing a more competitive service.

To ensure the success of the deployment, a pilot test was carried out with the delivery drivers filling out delivery notes and invoices that they created on site with a tablet. This application was adapted to the new A4 printing format provided by the Brother PJ-762 portable printer.

Increased productivity

Thanks to the Brother solution, Soto Café has dramatically improved its brand image by printing more professional, high quality documents. In addition, these documents incorporate clearer and more accurate information for customers, without any errors, making them more compliant for audits.

The solution has also generated a significant increase in productivity. The mobile printing solution enables time saving during delivery trips so their workforce can focus on tasks that provide greater value instead.

The vehicle integration for printer charging also makes the process more efficient, since it is not necessary to go to the office to charge batteries, and the PVC case with paper roll installed allows more flexibility and autonomy as employees are not having to constantly replace supplies.

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What was achieved?


Professional brand image

Brother's solution has dramatically improved brand image by printing more professional, high quality documents that incorporate clearer and more accurate information for customers.


Increased productivity

Printing at a speed of 8 pages per minute, the ultra-portable solution enables time saving during delivery trips so the workforce can focus on tasks that provide greater value.


Complete solution

Vehicle integration for printer charging means that it is not necessary to go to the office to charge batteries, and the PVC case with paper roll installed allows more flexibility and autonomy.

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