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The challenge

  • A constantly expanding business required a flexible and scalable scan and mobile print solution to manage workflow digitally and wirelessly.

The solution

  • Brother developed a wireless solution, digitising the process from arrival of goods and introducing mobile label printing that allows warehouse staff to move their workplace to print shipping and stock location labels where the goods are.

The results

  • An end to end wireless and paperless logistics workflow that is future-proofed for further expansion.
  • Simplified production processes with less movement of goods and increased efficiency.
  • Rugged, mobile printers that are perfect for industrial environments.

“After implementing this solution we feel confident in future expansions as we can roll production out from day one.”

Kaspar, Inbound Manager at Jollyroom



Jollyroom is the largest e-commerce company in the Nordics selling children’s and babies toys. Over the years they have expanded their warehouse and needed to be more efficient and flexible. Brother offered them a customised solution using ADS‑3600W scanners and RJ-4040 mobile label printers, allowing them to digitise their documents and improve efficiency on the warehouse floor.

Mobility in focus

Jollyroom was founded in 2011 and has driven and developed their own logistics management from the start. This year, their expansion reached a new level and they needed a flexible and scalable solution. With new storage areas constantly being set up, most of the workflow had to be managed wirelessly.

Their warehouse is over 65,000 sqm and holds up to 40,000 items.

“For us, constant development is a big factor and we began to search for a solution where we could become paper-free in our logistics but also simplify the production,” says Kaspar, Inbound Manager at Jollyroom.

With a constantly expanding business, a flexible and scalable solution was required, where most of the workflow could be managed wirelessly.

Brother evaluated Jollyroom’s requirements and listened to their ideas. After studying their workflow and development needs, Brother introduced a solution based on ending traditional paper handling after goods arrival, digitising the process from the beginning of production through to customer delivery.

Brother’s scanners ensure that incoming transport documents are automatically scanned quickly and efficiently, and stored in Jollyroom’s database. Additionally, a mobile and wireless label solution allows the warehouse staff to work in all areas of production. The solution has contributed to paperless logistics management.

Confident in future expansions

Since this solution was implemented, Jollyroom’s warehouse staff can work virtually anywhere – they can move their workplace to where the goods are. The previous step of moving the goods an extra time has been removed, which has resulted in having more staff in smaller areas, working more efficiently.

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What was achieved?

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Paper-free workflow

End to end wireless and paperless logistics workflow that is sustainable, scalable and future-proof

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Increased efficiency

Simplified production processes with less movement of goods has increased efficiency

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Greater mobility

Fully digital and flexible solution that allows warehouse staff to move to where the goods are

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