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The challenge

  • For over 50 years, Battaglio has been selecting and importing exotic fruit from every continent to distribute it in Italy. With a shipment volume of approximately 500 tons of fruit per day, they needed a solution that provided better management within the warehouse.
  • The fast pace of their distribution centre required high-speed industrial printers for high printing volumes, which would allow them to keep up with peaks in demand and also satisfy the need for efficiency and traceability.

The solution

  • Battaglio has chosen Brother's TJ industrial barcode printer range for its food labelling to provide traceability of food passing through their warehouse.

The results

  • Brother's TJ industrial barcode printers have enhanced the creation and printing of shipping and receiving labels, pallet labels, product IDs/serial numbers and more.

Battaglio – Industrial label printing solution case study

Why the right warehouse label printer was key to supplying fresh fruit in Italy

Smarter warehouses need smarter printers – and Brother's TJ industrial barcode printer range has been developed to deliver dependable quality, day after day.

That's why Battaglio, a 50-year-old fresh fruit supplier with two warehouses in Turin, turned to Brother to help them find the right printer for their business.

Battaglio works in such a large environment, with so many employees, it is essential to be able to identify arriving goods and make sure they are labelled to go to the right areas of the warehouse and, eventually, the right customers.

For their needs, we recommended the Brother TJ industrial label printer to integrate with their totem, to ensure better product management within the warehouse. The Brother printer complements the high performance of the totem, printing dozens of ticket labels in just a few seconds.

So now, Battaglio can do more in less time.

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“Apart from providing very high performance, the totem has a highly efficient printer, which prints tens of labels and tickets in seconds.”

Marco Rosati, Fruit Quality Manager at Battaglio






What was achieved?

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Greater efficiency

Brother's high-speed range of TJ industrial printers enable Battaglio to print high volumes of labels and tickets within in a few seconds.

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Product traceability

The solution ensures that food labels contain qualitative properties and can be identified and addressed according to Battaglio's database.

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Seamless integration

The tight integration of Brother's TJ industrial label printer with their totem ensures better product management within the warehouse.

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