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Key considerations to encourage internal stakeholders to buy into MPS

Presenting to internal stakeholders such as C-Suite and budget-holders is a crucial stage in selling-in Managed Print Services (MPS) into your business.

It is a vital opportunity to demonstrate the many benefits of MPS and ultimately informs the decision on whether the purchase will go ahead.

When encouraging internal stakeholders to buy into MPS, it’s important to make sure:

  • The information is relevant to whoever you’re talking to – give them a top-line overview so it is clear what the benefits will be to the overall business. For example, if you’re speaking to someone in the finance team, focus on cost and investment. If you’re speaking to someone in C-Suite, focus on productivity, such as the benefits of automated supplies which relieve IT resource so that they can concentrate on other more pressing matters.
  • The language is jargon-free – remember that internal stakeholders have different levels of understanding when it comes to MPS. Be sure to communicate using simple language and spell out acronyms like UAT (User Acceptance Testing) the first time.
  • Most questions/concerns are accounted for – make sure that you are prepared for unexpected questions such as - what happens if our requirements change part way through the contract?
  • Ensure that stakeholders are aware of any project milestones – So that if the business requirements change part way through the contract, there is an opportunity to verify the solution.
  • All information is accurate – remember that inaccurate information is useless information and can increase scepticism, so double check costs, time and resources before presenting. A good provider should be able to provide you with a reliable illustration to inform decision makers.

The process of getting senior buy-in can be daunting, but there’s no need to go it alone. As well as your provider guiding you through the process, we’ve listed a number of tools you can use to prepare for a successful sell-in.

  • Manufacturer or supplier case studies are perfect for introducing the credentials of new suppliers to stakeholders who might not have previously had experience with them.
  • Audit reports and user surveys are a tangible way to demonstrate the positive effect on user experience and productivity. Reports should include an executive summary, methodology, participants and any tasks allocated/completed. Key-findings should also evaluate user experience and list recommendations with relevant support materials.
  • Testimonials – quotes from customers, internal team members and key influencers in the industry, as well as suppliers or manufacturers are a great way to give stakeholders peace-of-mind.
  • Hard costs (if relevant) – include an accurate gauge of estimated hardware costs, maintenance and supplies (paper, ink, toner, etc).
  • Soft costs (if relevant) – include an accurate gauge of storage, IT service desk, procurement, installation costs (if using a sub-contractor).
  • Time – Outline a plan of what the roll-out will look like, including how long you expect the roll-out to take.
  • Resources – Consider who is needed internally throughout the process and when? What are they responsible for? Who will be carrying out the implementation – will it be completed internally or by a sub-contractor?


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