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Illustration of a man using Kofax content aware print and capture software with a Brother printer in a home office environment

Why content aware print management is vital for hybrid working

Covid-19 has seen the working world change beyond recognition. And now with the resultant shift to hybrid working for many, the need for businesses to digitally transform and evolve to paper-lite organisations has accelerated.

As more employees are working in different locations and customers continue to expect digital solutions, the requirement for a business to be digitally connected has never been more important.

But this raises security concerns, with printing a key area organisations need to get right. With increased volumes of staff working remotely, information security is a fundamental challenge. Content aware print and capture represents an effective technology to manage document security. Here we explain how.

What is content aware print and capture?

Documents can contain sensitive and proprietary information, from customer data and personal identifiable information to your organisation’s intellectual property. With traditional printing and scanning, devices passively print and scan documents. This means that information that shouldn’t be printed and scanned can be.

Content aware print and capture software, like Kofax ControlSuite, addresses this security issue. It reviews the content of documents being printed and scanned and applies pre-defined actions to that content, such as masking it or blocking printing or scanning.

For example, you may introduce a security protocol that states no documents can be printed at off-site locations that include client personal identification data. If an employee accidentally attempts to do so, Kofax ControlSuite can automatically redact that information from the document being printed, whether it’s text or an image.

By reviewing the contents of documents being scanned or printed, content aware print and capture identifies the inappropriate printing or scanning of information and protects data from being exposed.

How has hybrid working affected digital workflows?

Hybrid working has forced organisations to adapt their digital workflows in order to maintain operating efficiency and deliver required levels of customer experience with more distributed structures. In many cases, this impetus to adjust digital workflows has led to the development of more efficient and streamlined internal processes and automation.

Kofax content aware print and capture software can aid in the development of new, efficient digital workflows. By intelligently reading documents, Kofax allows automated workflows to be developed that respond to document content, for instance by routing documents automatically to relevant approvers. Kofax can facilitate the development of agile, secure and complex automated document workflows.

How has hybrid working affected document security?

Hybrid working and new distributed digital workflows can expose organisations to greater data security risks. Employees handling, printing and scanning documents in remote locations can make them more vulnerable to loss and interception.

Kofax content aware print and capture software can aid in ensuring document security in remote locations. Kofax software can be used with select Brother devices in home offices to ensure digital workflows and document security protocols are applied consistently across your organisation, even in remote locations.

Content print management is vital to enable your organisation to unify, automate, and secure your printing and scanning workflows, even with employees working in remote locations. Find out more about how Kofax ControlSuite can benefit your business, and how Brother can help you implement successful hybrid working structures with our range of hybrid working technology solutions.


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