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Top 5 tips for smarter flexible working

The UK workforce is experiencing a quiet revolution as more businesses embrace flexible working.

The UK workforce is experiencing a quiet revolution as more businesses embrace the idea of the ‘home office’ and ‘work-on-the-go’.

Flexible working is often hailed as the future of working, while at the same time, being criticised for damaging efficiency and workplace culture. But a recent report by the CIPD says that remote working is available in 73% of organisations, so it looks like it’s here to stay.

Read on for some hacks to help you work smarter when you’re not in the office.

1. Think about what type of person you are

Do you work better in the morning or evening? If you’re working from home, it’s worth taking this into account when planning your work for the day.

Do you need to be surrounded by other people to keep productivity levels high? If so, make sure you’ve got company wherever you choose to work from.

2. Ask yourself what tasks you’ve got on?

If you’re working on a big group project, it’s probably easier for you to be based in the same place as everyone else. Even if this means taking a trip from your usual office location.

Even if you’re working on your own, you might need to check in with other people during the day. Make sure they’re available during your working hours.

3. Check your technology

Make sure you have access to all the tech you need, including chargers and options for video calls if necessary. You don’t want your phone to cut out midway through an important conversation.

Don’t rely too much on emails – things can get lost in translation when you can’t see visual cues.

4. Be organised

Keep your calendar up to date and encourage your colleagues to do the same. That way, if you need to get in touch with someone urgently, you’ll know where they are.

5. Stay in touch

One of the major holdbacks for flexible working is managers who feel out of the loop with their employees’ job lists. Establish trust by keeping everyone fully updated. It’s also important to keep in touch with the wider team by attending regular social events, for example.

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