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TD-2130N Benefits

Improved patient safety

Helps protect patients, while providing peace of mind and efficiency to healthcare professionals, the TD-2130N prints crisp and accurately imaged wristbands and labels.

Flexible and easy to use

USB and wired network connection options, as standard, plus optional Wireless and Bluetooth capability make the TD-2130N perfect for a range of connectivity requirements. While Brother's advanced labelling capability allows users to easily create, load, and register the custom media and calibrate to print both wristbands and labels without special set up tools.

Prints both wristbands and labels

Streamline your requirements by combining your wristband and label printing needs in one useful device.

PC free

The optional Touch Pad with LCD screen allows for automated multiple print tasks to be undertaken. The TD-2130N has been designed to make label and wristband printing as simple, efficient and easy to do as possible.

For superior quality and performance, the TD-2130N can use Wristband media from the PDC Healthcare range - a trusted leader in positive patient identification for more than 55 years.

Right patient, right care



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