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Specially designed for prescription printing 

Pharmacists are facing increasing time pressures every day, and when the slightest delay can cause significant disruption down the line it’s imperative that your systems work seamlessly. That’s why we designed our universal paper tray specifically to work with prescription paper

Brother prescription printer

The security you need

With data security so critical in healthcare, we’ve developed a range of features to ensure confidential information remains confidential. Our prescription printers keep documents stored in their memory. Using the built-in secure print functionality you can release a document using a unique four-digit password. You can also use Secure Function Lock to control who accesses which features, allowing you to maintain high levels of information security at all times.

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A partner you can rely on 

We’ve been working with healthcare professionals for over 25 years. This experience within healthcare areas such as GP practices, hospitals and pharmacies has helped us understand the unique challenges you face and develop solutions that help you overcome them.

Why choose Brother’s prescription print technology?

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Trusted by over 90% of Clinical Commissioning Groups in the UK

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        Cloud connected

Convenient cloud connectivity lets you save, share and store data to the cloud

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Seamless compatibility with all major Patient Information and Management Systems

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PIRA-accredited machines protect printouts from tampering and fading

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Low energy, paper and resource usage saves money and helps with sustainability

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           Cost effective

Barcode printers and labellers with DIMM and barcode fonts save you up to 50% on hardware

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