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A quote from Juan José Rodríguez Ureña,Optometrist and owner of the optical center Martínez-Lorca

 The challenge 

Keeping items organised to ensure quick and efficient customer service can be a challenge for retailers, particularly opticians. 

The labelling of glasses is a necessity for easy identification, to note price information, as well as information about product codes, in order to have all the data and information to hand at any time. 

To address these needs, Brother’s label printers were the solution of choice for optical center Martínez-Lorca in Madrid. Previously using an inkjet printer with label paper, resulted in loss of time, resource and a poor service for customers.

This was due to the printer producing half-printed labels on a daily basis and using more paper than necessary.


The solution provided by Brother was the QL-710W label printer with network and Wi-Fi connection. The device uses direct thermal technology, which achieves an optimal finish for each label and avoids ink smudges. The label printer is connected to the customer database via P-touch Editor software, using this software means labels can be modified and specific information can be added including images and logos.


Brother’s QL-710W label printer can be connected to the opticians’ database via Wi-Fi connection, meaning labels can be sent to print wirelessly from any of the three computers they have in store.

This saves sheets of labels that were previously wasted and speeds up the printing process. This in turn creates a more efficient process and allows employees to concentrate on other tasks. 

Thanks to Brother, printing is now three times faster and without errors.

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