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Person using iPad to print business document

Brother Cloud Apps 

Create, share and edit documents on your Brother device. Our suite of cloud-based apps allows you to get creative with your documents, without the need for a computer. These apps can be accessed directly through your compatible Brother device. Our expanding range of apps aims to give you the power to create great documents direct from your machine.

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Connect, print and share from your device

Enjoy exciting new ways to create, edit and share documents right from your Brother machine, without using a computer. These apps can be downloaded straight to your mobile device whether that be your smartphone or tablet. 

Scan to Office App

The Brother™ Scan To Office App scans a hard copy document and uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert it into a Word®, Excel®, or PowerPoint® file with editable text. This app also saves the images in the document as individual JPEGs that can be moved within or deleted from the new document.         

Scan to Email App

The Brother™ Easy Scan To E-mail App takes a document you’ve just scanned, and sends it to an e-mail address selected from a pre-populated address book. Create a custom address book with up to 10 addresses, and then select a recipient with the push of a button.