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How to fix the 3 biggest home printer problems

In a recent survey we asked home printers what their biggest frustrations are – and here is what they said, and how we would advise dealing with them!

Printing from home can cause frustrations at times but  – thankfully they can be easily solved. From running out of ink and toner to accidentally buying the wrong cartridges, there's plenty to contend with – and that's before we've even got to the dreaded paper jam. And the frustrations are shared by many, with 71 per cent of consumers having a printer at home.
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So, to help you get the most out of your home pirnter we have put together our top tips for dealing with your most common print-related problems.

1. Why do I always run out of ink when I need it the most?

We've all been there, your cyan ink levels are low but you can't even get your document to print in black and white – how frustrating!

How typical that you only realise your ink levels are low when you desperately need to print.

Running out of ink can often result in serious inconvenience. The inability to print schoolwork the night before it’s due, not being able to send out last minute orders or even printing off essential documents that need a signature can wreak havoc with time sensitive situations.

In fact, our research reveals that 51 per cent cited running out of ink or toner as their biggest frustration as a printer owner. The immediate solution isn’t usually a quick fix – Online orders can take longer than you have to arrive, and printer ink or toner isn't something you can run to just any shop for, and often, it can be difficult to know which cartridge to buy if you do find a stockist.

Previously, to avoid this, you would need to remember to manually check your printer to see ink or toner levels. However, some smart printers can now monitor ink and toner levels as you go and will alert you in a mobile app when you are running low. This will also have vital information like the model of printer, the correct type of replacement and a bar graph of current ink cartridge levels.

Alternatively, printer subscription services offer automatic re-ordering of the correct ink cartridge just when you need it. Say goodbye to manual monitoring and hello to guaranteed ink and toner availability.   

Brother’s EcoPro subscription combines automatic ink and toner delivery with the ability to print in volume anywhere, anytime, via the Brother Mobile Connect app.

Learn more about EcoPro today

2. How do I know what ink I need to buy? 

Buying the wrong ink cartridge or toner is another top frustration and over half of home printer owners admit to having done it. According to our survey, 48 per cent of customers said they occasionally or frequently bought the wrong ink, having to resell, give away or even throw away incorrect cartridges after purchase. And it’s easily done, as buying the correct cartridge can be confusing, with so many ink and toner cartridges looking the same, but that may not be compatible with your specific printer.

And matters are made even worse by the number of counterfeit products on the market. This might not yet be on the list of consumers’ top frustrations but it is an increasing problem that printer manufacturers are working hard to address.

Again, an EcoPro ink and toner subscription has you covered, monitoring your supply levels, and automatically replacing them with the correct cartridge with no effort required. The service is designed to help consumers and small businesses to print sustainably, cheaply, and never have to worry about buying the right ink again – without the hassle of looking for the right cartridge each time, or the risk of wasting money on the wrong cartridge.

Sign up to a better way to print today!

3. Why is my home printer not printing?

As with any piece of equipment, your printer can sometimes develop a fault or you can experience printing errors. According to our survey, 20 per cent said they would just buy a new printer if their existing device had a fault. Not only is that an expensive option but it certainly isn’t the most sustainable either.

Quality home printers are built to last and their duty cycle may surprise you in comparison to the lifespan of some of your other home technology. By guaranteeing the use of Brother Genuine Supplies through a print subscription, you can give your printer every chance of surpassing its already lengthy shelf life.

So, if you’re wondering why your printer isn’t working, it’s handy to know that there are a few simple ways to get to the bottom of things. Fixing paper jams can take minutes, and software or security faults can often be fixed with an update that can be downloaded direct from the manufacturer. But if it’s neither of these then your trusted printer provider will have support available online or over the phone. Googling the issue, is also likely to provide a quick answer to your query.

But if the worst happens and it’s not something you can fix yourself, an EcoPro subscription offers full support and warranty for the duration of your subscription. Which means if there is ever a problem, you have an expert on hand to help you deal with it.

How EcoPro can help you

An EcoPro ready printer and subscription can make home life easier by solving some of the most common printer frustrations.
Customer receiving their EcoPro ink subscription delivery

EcoPro subscription plans are designed to meet a range of print needs, so the cost is entirely down to your own personal use. The ‘Light’ £1.99 subscription allows for printing of up to 50 pages every month, including your free replacement ink and toner cartridges.

A professional user may choose alternative plans up to the ‘Everyday’ ink and toner subscription package for £15.99 a month. This option allows up to 500 pages to be printed every month, with the ability to roll over up to 1,000 unused pages. Once again automatic delivery, and recycling of old cartridges, is included in the subscription price.

And the benefits don’t end at convenience, according to a December 2022 report by Keypoint Intelligence, Brother EcoPro customers across 12 European countries saved an average of 66.2 per cent compared to buying inkjet cartridges in store, and that figure rose to 72 per cent for some customers depending on device and location. Furthermore, all used ink and toner cartridges can be returned for remanufacturing or recycling, completely free of charge. Meaning there’s no unnecessary waste.

So, to put an end to your home printer problems, sign up to an EcoPro ink and toner subscription today and subscribe to a better way of printing with the Brother Mobile Connect app. EcoPro – a cost effective solution for all your home printer frustrations. Find out more about EcoPro subscriptions today.

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