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Increasing efficiency in your practice. Part 4: OmniJoin

In part five of our investigation into the technological innovations that can increase the efficiency of a GP practice, we look at the role web conferencing could play.

Web conferencing allows GPs to offer virtual consultations and is a great example of an emerging patient service that can help ease the pressure being placed on waiting rooms up and down the country.

Virtual consultations mean patients can access their GP anywhere, any time, on any device - whether it’s using a smartphone on their lunch hour or a tablet from the comfort of home.

Moving appointments online

Moving appointments online allows patients who might normally struggle to make it into the surgery in GPs’ working hours to have access to care. Using web conferencing allows GPs to structure a more efficient consultation process, creating the opportunity to see more patients who require health advice that must be delivered face to face.

OmniJoin is an innovative and secure online web-conferencing platform for the healthcare sector. The software can be used for interactive training (which can be recorded in a training library), sharing and collaborating in a professional conference exchange and is accessible with a mobile app. OmniJoin allows users to consult with colleagues, share data and monitor patients all in one place.

An approved supplier on the G-Cloud 6 framework, OmniJoin allows GPs to communicate with patients over a secure and reliable connection.

OmniJoin user and Assistant Director of ICT & Information Governance at Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group, Nisha Wheeler, said "Video conferencing can bring real benefits to all the communities we operate in. Not just the corporate, but also the clinical environment."

Next week we look at how faster patient test requests and results can be implemented.

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