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Brother’s brand new EcoPro subscription service set to save you money

Brother has announced the launch of EcoPro across Europe - their new ink and toner subscription service and they're inviting users to try it free of charge.

EcoPro looks to challenge expectations about print. Empowering home and small office users to save money on their printing, EcoPro spreads users' ink and toner costs across affordable low monthly payments. It is designed to save customer’s money and means they will never run out of ink or toner, with automated deliveries direct to doorsteps.

Russell Brother, Head of SOHO sales at Brother UK, said: “advances in technology have led to a change in the relationship people have with the products they use - and an increased desire for efficiency in how we live our lives.

“From home working to homework, the increased need for home printing over the last two years has made printers more important than ever. Yet, the hassle of ordering and waiting for replacement printer ink or toner can and has been costly and inconvenient. We have launched EcoPro to support our customers and stop that from happening.”

Brother's new EcoPro offering gives users the value, convenience, and quality they need for home and work printing. But more than this, it gives them complete peace of mind with an innovative repair warranty that covers their machine for the duration of their subscription. In the event of a fault, the printer that they already own is also covered at no extra cost, giving users one less thing to worry about, it’s a win win situation for the customers,

Russell added: “We’re really excited about EcoPro. We're so confident in the amount of time, money and hassle we can save users that we have no minimum contract term. We believe that the savings EcoPro can deliver will speak for themselves, but this is about more than just reducing ink or toner costs. We know that an unexpected printer malfunction could mean an expensive fix for a small business owner or home user, so we’re taking away that headache too. Simply, EcoPro gives users a more affordable way to print.”

EcoPro will be launched in the UK on 24th January 2023. To find out more, sign up here.