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New labelling device streamlines online retailing and shipping processes

More efficient labelling has arrived with the introduction of two new Brother devices (QL-1100 and QL-1110NWB) that print labels with a 4-inch print width, providing maximum compatibility with shipping label software.

In a first for Brother, the series also boasts a special driver function to work with FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), making sending products to Amazon’s warehouses a more streamlined and cost-efficient process.

Introduced in response to the growth of online retailers, the direct thermal printers are ideal for businesses and individuals sending parcels. The series has a larger print area to address the dimension requirements of freight labels. A new function in the driver improves on the previous laborious process for Amazon sellers to print the required labels for products they are sending to Amazon warehouses. The devices can scan the A4 sheet of labels contained in the PDF Amazon creates, automatically extract each label and print them individually.

Having a dedicated label printer eliminates wasted labels on part-printed A4 sheets, prevents jamming and keeps labels in the correct order of print, making the process more organised. The additional device allows you to use your printer for invoices without constantly changing from paper to sheets of labels, again making the procedure more efficient.

Offering improved connectivity to support a flexible workforce, the flagship model has Wi-Fi, USB, Wired Network and Bluetooth functionality including MFi (Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod), so labels can be created using smartphones, tablets, PC or Mac.

The range, which comes in a black and white sleek design, is fast - printing at 110mm per second. And for system integrators there are various options available to incorporate the printers into a customised solution including SDK’s (Software Development Kits), and adding label templates to the machine’s memory to print by issuing simple commands directly to the printer.

Find out more about the QL-1100 and QL-1110NWB label printers.

Brother label printer front view