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Celebrating 10 year partnership with Hillarys

We recently enjoyed a lunchtime celebration with long-standing customer Hillarys.

Over the past ten years, we’ve built a successful business partnership, which Hillarys’ Head of IT has attributed to “the value we set on the ongoing relationship between our organisations”.

We’ve worked with Hillarys since 2005 to develop a mobile solution, which has generated £2 to £3 million additional sales opportunities to date.

The reliability of our products has been a key part of the partnership. Hillarys originally chose our MW-140BT A7 mobile printer in 2005 and upgraded to the second generation MW-145BT in 2011. Thanks to the solution, sales advisors are able to leave behind a printed order request, helping to improve conversions and customer service.

Julian Bond, Hillarys’ head of IT, said: “When two years seems the typical life of a modern mobile device, it’s great to see mobile printers from Brother which have survived 10 years of daily use and regular change of operating system and smartphone.”

To mark the 10th anniversary milestone, we enjoyed a lunch with the entire team, and presented them with a cake we had commissioned to capture the essence of the partnership.

Find out more about our work together.


Bathroom interior showcasing Hillary's Blinds