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Is inadequate technology putting teaching at risk?

John Greenhalgh, our head of public sector sales, talks about how outdated technology could be reducing teachers’ productivity.

Today’s young people are more tech savvy than ever before. This means it’s really important that school technology matches their ever-growing expectations. However, after speaking to 100 UK schools about the current state of their technology, we know that this isn’t always the case.

80% of teachers admitted that they need better access to IT to improve learning, with three-quarters recognising that IT better engages pupils with the learning experience. Even more worrying is the fact that 10% of teaching time is lost every year to inadequate technology, putting learning at risk.

There are several quick, easy and relatively cost-effective ways to turn this around. For example, the savings generated by modern print technology in terms of time, wastage and running costs can be transformative.

We saved Helsby High School 40% on print with the following advice:

  • Think about how technology is going to be used
  • Look for reliable technology with lifelong technical support and good functionality
  • Choose a printer that uses a separate drum and toner to save on the cost of consumables
  • Think about print management solutions, like b-guard, to provide complete visibility and control of the printer suite

Learn more about how Helsby High School cut print costs

For more advice on how to improve technology in schools, visit www.brother.co.uk/business-solutions/education

John Greenhalgh,  head of public sector sales at Helsby High School