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Gotham Globe newspaper opened, showing Wayne Enterprises advertisement for a professional butler and an article about the Joker

Fictional recruitment posters

From the Ministry of Magic to Wayne Manor, Brother UK have imagined what it might look like to apply for a role at companies from some of our favourite films.

Throughout the entertainment industry, writers and directors have created fictional worlds that draw us in, making us fall in love with the characters and the worlds they are set in.

From Cyberdyne and Umbrella Corporation, to the Ministry of Magic and Wayne Manor, viewers are left envious of the employees in these imaginary companies, wishing these careers were their reality too.

Here at Brother we have designed recruitment posters for some of the best-known fictional companies to imagine what it could be like if they were real.

Harry Potter

Fictional Harry Potter recruitment poster - Ministry of Magic's advertisement for Head of Misuse of Muggle Artefacts in the Daily Prophet

According to the wizarding newspaper, the Daily Prophet, the Ministry of Magic is looking for a new Head of Misuse of Muggle Artefacts to replace Arthur Weasley who is taking on a new position as Head of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects.

Infamous in the books for its tiny broom cupboard office and notorious reputation for being a boring job, have you also noticed there is no mention of the salary?

How do you think you would fair against a regurgitating toilet in Elephant & Castle station?


Fictional Terminator recruitment poster - Cyberdyne Systems advertisement for AI consultants

With the date set in the Terminator universe to activate Skynet, Cyberdyne are recruiting AI specialists to help them with their development of defence network computers.

Working with Miles Dyson at the Cyberdyne offices, it is fair to say you would have to be good at keeping secrets if you were applying for this role.

However, one question you may want to consider is, are you willing to risk the human race?

Resident Evil

Fictional Resident Evil recruitment poster - Umbrella Corporation's advertisement for various positions

Fans of the video game Resident Evil will be familiar with the company, Umbrella Corporation.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, namely previous employees mutating into zombies, it appears a number of roles have become available in the company.

You would not want to forget to read the disclaimer if you were applying for this role.

Being a company that develops biochemical weaponry in secret, you may be at risk of genetic mutation and will be waiving all workplace rights.

James Bond

Fictional James Bond recruitment poster - Secret Intelligence Service MI6's internal advertisement for a field agent

Following the (eventual) release of the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die, Daniel Craig is set to be replaced by a new 007 agent.

Just like MI6, the directors of the film are keeping secrets close to their chest and are yet to announce who is in the running to be the 10th Bond, much to the disappointment of eager fans and media.

If living in Bond’s world, do you think you would have what it takes to defend the world against evil?


Fictional Batman recruitment poster - Wayne Enterprises advertisement for a professional butler in the Gotham Globe

Following the tragic death of Batman’s butler, Albert Pennyworth, in the comic series, there is an opening for a replacement at Wayne Manor.

As you would expect, this is not your typical job description for a butler and those applying for the role should know more than greeting guests and serving the household food.

The ideal candidate would possess a whole host of training and experience such as spelunking, mortal combat and surgical procedures.

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