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What will the future workplace be like?

Whether it is your business priority to increase innovation, productivity or staff engagement,
change needs to be driven by leaders with a clear understanding of what is coming.

Here are our key predictions to give your business the edge:

Three office workers stick post-it note stickers onto a glass wall in a moment of creative collaboration during a business meeting

Enable creativity and collaboration

  • Wellbeing is top of the workplace agenda and will open the door to numerous productivity, creativity, collaboration and staff loyalty benefits.

  • Offering flexible work is now vital but it can be a double-edged sword if you don't get the balance right.

  • Catering for cross-generational collaboration is essential. Expect the five generation workplace.

  • People are driving a return to more traditional principles of community and collaboration. 

  • Breaking down gender barriers and disability stigmas is a huge opportunity.

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A man in a suit jacket is seen using wearable technology in the form of a smartwatch in the workplace of the future

Upgrade team productivity

  • The time for low-tech enterprise has firmly passed. Making simple changes to your IT infrastructure could help to create a virtual, seamless infrastructure.

  • Artificial intelligence is promising to unlock revolutionary use of data.

  • Biometric technology is poised to transform systems with fingerprint, retina and voice access.

  • Wearables will soon render workplaces truly sentient and responsive.

  • Work will become more vocal as people increasingly dictate.

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The workplace of the future is seen from a high angle looking down on a neat, minimalist office complete with hotdesks and a games table

Rethink workspace organisation

  • A new way of working is on the horizon; Part office building, part entertainment complex, part hotel.

  • Realigning work with our communal instincts, destination workplaces will bring people together. 

  • Workplace wellbeing efforts will make everything from standing desks to gym facilities commonplace in offices.

  • Modern workplaces will provide dedicated spaces to think, focus, create and collaborate.

  • City centres and office buildings are poised to become greener and realign with nature.

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