Customer using a Brother scanner along with the ABBYY optical character recognition software


ABBYY provides powerful Optical Character Recognition and text recognition software.

Turn your static documents into searchable digital scans and access the information trapped on the page.

The following scanners support ABBYY:

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Customer using the kofax image processing app with a Brother scanner

Kofax VRS

Improve your scanning productivity with image processing applications from Kofax.

Expect a flawless performance from your scanner using this image enhancement and perfection software.

The following scanners support Kofax:

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ADS-2200 desktop scanner


Brothers scanners are supported with powerful bundled PC and Mac software packages designed to more effectively bring hard copies into your digital space – unlocking information and streamlining your operational flow.

You have freedom to search text and imagery, extract customer data and optimise or share content transforming your documentation into a valuable data resource via these industry-respected tools.

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ADS-2700W Wireless desktop scanner


It is recommended you update your drivers regularly. keeping your device drivers up to date will give you access to the latest functionality on your devices and avoid any potential conflicts with the software you are using.

Find out more about a range of drivers pre-installed on all Brother scanners. 

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Scanning a document with a Broter portable scanner

Scanner videos

Find out more about scanners in these useful product videos or view the full range.

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