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Benefits for home caregivers

Healthcare workers on the road are under pressure to make as many visits as possible. A reliable portable print solution reduces the need for back office work and enables more visits to be completed.

Patient safety is paramount and ensuring the patient has documentation of their care plan increases the chances of recovery.

A professional document is much easier to read for the patient and it also minimises the risk of errors being made.

Our PJ-700 series are small, compact and lightweight. Perfect for healthcare workers on the road.

With no moving parts or ink spillages, our printers need little maintenance and are extremely reliable.

Brother and our third party suppliers have a wide range of accessories to help customise your solution.

Care worker talking to patient in home

Be there for your patients

Home healthcare professionals on the move need the ability to produce documentation on location so patients can be left with details of their care plan and a record of medication for treatment. Print technology reduces the risk of errors associated with handwritten documents which safeguards patients in the process.

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Printing applications

  • Patient care plan (A4)

Brother PJ-700 series is the smallest A4 mobile printer on the market and offers all the features needed for home caregivers on the road.


Caregiver printing care plan

Carry case solutions which lighten the load

Caregivers on the road need the ability to print updated care plans for their patients. That's why Brother PJ-700 A4 mobile printing series boasts a range of accessories and features to help streamline their workflow.

Carry case solutions

Brother and third party suppliers provide a wide range optional carry case solutions to optimise workflows.


Direct thermal printing means no moving parts, ink spillages or issues associated with extreme temperatures.

Easy to use

It's simple to operate and integrates seamlessly with a variety of host devices.

Man receiving home healthcare

Don't take our word for it

"Our community based clinicians visit service users in their own homes. They record details of each and every visit electronically but, to ensure consistency of care, we wanted to be able to leave print outs of care plans with service users. Brother’s mobile A4 printer (PJ-623) was recommended to us, so we ran tests on our systems for reliability, quality, clear print outs and robustness. The printer worked exceptionally well, printed clear accurate reports and could withstand being knocked about from visit to visit. We have since bought over 500 devices as part of the planned roll-out."

Dominic Tennant, Project Manager, South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom 


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