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All the little things!

Watch our video to see office PA ‘Katie’ flying through her usual work as well as some of the more ‘unusual requests’ she may get within her role.

Four statistics to highlight workplace inefficiency due to lack of labelling

Organise your office

Offices that run most efficiently are those that get the simple things right. Quick wins like labelling personal items, as well as business critical wires and plugs, can help avoid millions of hours of lost productivity caused by disputes among colleagues.

Brother label printers are ideal for producing:

  • Mailing and shipping labels
  • Address labels
  • Visitor badges
  • Asset tracking labels
  • File/folder labels
  • Office equipment labels

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PT-P700 Professional Office Label Printer

Compact and stylish for the modern office

Creating clear, professional labelling on files, archives, cupboards, shelves, data backup discs and more couldn’t be simpler. Just plug direct into your PC or Mac via USB, and create designs using your existing fonts, images, graphics and frames.

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£95.99 Inc. VAT | £79.99 Ex. VAT

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QL-700 High-Speed Label Printer

Plug and play labelling for the busy office

With versatility, convenience and Microsoft integration, the QL-700 delivers hassle-free address (and other) label printing. Plus ‘P-touch Editor Lite’ is pre-loaded so there’s no software installation required for PC or Mac.

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£101.99 Inc. VAT | £84.99 Ex. VAT

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PT-D450VP Professional Desktop Label Printer

Organise your office with a professional desktop labeller

From file dividers to desk drawers, seed trays to name badges, with the PT-D450VP you can quickly generate labels up to 18mm wide, either using the printer’s own ‘QWERTY’ keyboard and backlit display to create them instantly or by sending your designs via your PC.

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£107.99 Inc. VAT | £89.99 Ex. VAT

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PT-H500 Professional Handheld Label Printer

The powerful label maker for your office or garden

Design and print impressively durable labels from your Mac, PC or the palm of your hand with the PT-H500. Adding images, frames and barcodes to your labels is simple, while you can also create stylish text using the installed True Type fonts.

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£119.99 Inc. VAT | £99.99 Ex. VAT

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QL-800 Address Label Printer

Ideal for high volume professional address labelling

The QL-800 is the perfect choice for office workers who need a reliable and fast address label printer. You're also able to produce labels with both black and red print without the need of ink or toner - ideal to highlight important information on a label.

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£126.00 Inc. VAT | £105.00 Ex. VAT

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PT-D600VP Desktop Labelling Machine

Professional labels to organise your office + added value pack

With fastest in class print speeds, improved screen displays and a whole host of other fantastic features, the PT-D600VP can solve a wide range of office based problems and predicaments, from labelling equipment to printing warning signs.

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£142.80 Inc. VAT | £119.00 Ex. VAT

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