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The true cost of poor label printing

The causes, impact and how to minimise it 

The warehousing and storage industry revenue is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 4.3% to £25.5 billion, according to the IBIS World’s Warehousing & Storage in the UK trends (2017-2022) report.

This growth is driven by ongoing developments in online retailing and the fast-moving consumer goods market, meaning warehouses need to implement new and better methods to keep up with demand both accurately and efficiently.

So, we wanted to find out what’s slowing down warehouses when it comes to labelling equipment. To do this, we spoke directly to operations and warehouse managers to find out how much time they spend on equipment downtime, how to minimise this, and what they really need from a good quality label printer.

This guide covers:

  • The main problems with warehouse labelling equipment
  • How good quality labelling equipment can save you time
  • How your business can save costs and boost efficiencies

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