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The challenge

EuroTech Group had an awkward and inefficient system for scanning job cards, which was time consuming and created backlogs of work.

The solution

Brother’s ADS-2800W desktop scanner and Barcode Utility software instantly made the process faster, more efficient and accurate.

The results

  • Immediate saving of two working days every month
  • Rapid Return On Investment
  • Improved functionality, reliability, accuracy and efficiency
  • Simplified workflow
  • Seamless integration

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Scanner saves two working days every month

Manufacturer seeks to simplify workflow

EuroTech Group is a Great British manufacturer operating at the cutting edge of technology.

Since 1991, the Devon-based business has been manufacturing printed circuit boards for customers in sectors including transport, defence, medical and more. Today it is an £18 million turnover company with 150 staff, which exports its products across Europe. But when the firm identified an inefficiency in its manufacturing process, it turned to Brother technology for the solution.

An opportunity to improve

Every batch of circuit boards progressed through the factory is accompanied by a job card, used to record each stage of the manufacturing process. Previously, when the order was complete, the job card was scanned to create a digital document for EuroTech’s records. The process was awkward and inefficient, requiring a member of staff to create a PDF file, save it, rename it and then move it to the right folder so it could be retrieved if needed. This quickly led to a backlog building up, while also leaving them exposed to mistakes through human error. 

A smarter, time-saving solution

EuroTech approached its IT supplier to find a solution, and Brother’s ADS‑2800W desktop scanner and Barcode Utility software* was quickly identified. 

Using the new solution, each job card can now be scanned into the Brother device, which reads the barcode and automatically saves it to the right place. Paul estimates the device saves the equivalent of two working days every month, freeing up that colleague for other tasks, as well as improving accuracy. Discover more about Brother's manufacturing solutions here.

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“The solution fit the bill perfectly. The integration was painless and it was excellent value for money, so it paid for itself very quickly.”

Paul Langham, IT Manager, EuroTech Group


What was achieved?

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Time saving solution

The faster process immediately saved EuroTech two working days every month, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks.

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Rapid return on investment

Brother's solution instantly Improved functionality, reliability, accuracy and efficiency, paying for itself very quickly.

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Simplified workflow

Once job cards are scanned, Brother's device can read the barcode and automatically save it to the right place.

How EuroTech uses Barcode Utility scanning software to automatically route documents

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1. Identify each job with a unique barcode

Every order of circuit boards that EuroTech produces comes with a job card. Workers on the production line scan a unique barcode on the job card after each stage of assembly. This creates a record of the manufacturing process for quality assurance purposes.

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2. Scan the barcode for instant recognition

Once the order is ready to be despatched to the customer, the job card is scanned again using a Brother ADS-2800W desktop scanner. Brother’s Barcode Utility software automatically creates and names a document containing a full record of the order.

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3. Barcode is analysed and automatically saved

The document is automatically saved to the right folder on the EuroTech network every time, streamlining workflow and ensuring total accuracy.

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