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Every business is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Given that 60% of small businesses go out of business 6 months after a cyberattack, it is critical that you know what to look out for.

With our guide to the top 10 'Most Wanted' scams, you and your teams will be well-informed about the types of scams to be aware of and how to avoid them before they cause financial or reputational damage to your business. The guide includes:

  • An overview of the top 10 most common scams
  • How to spot them 
  • The potential consequences for your business
  • How to keep your business and colleagues safe

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in[ctrl]: the tech topics we cover

In the world of Information Technology, there's no shortage of opinion. So we dig deeper. We offer expert insights, IT analysis, and real-world business strategies. And we cover the topics that matter to you. Here's an idea of what to expect.

  • Digital transformation and sustainability: The pace of digital change has been incredible these past few years. Can your business keep up? What digital technologies should you invest in? Are you looking at digital innovation? How can you develop more sustainable practices and business processes? What is a good IT strategy and why is it important? We’ll get the views of those in the know.
  • IT resilience: Being IT resilient means being prepared for disruption, minimising downtime, and delivering an always-on customer experience. No mean feat. So whether it’s discussing IT strategies, tech efficiencies, or digital transformation ideas, we’ll help you to adapt and evolve with confidence.
  • Tech security: Are you doing all you can to keep your data safe while working remotely? Is there a smarter way to spot phishing emails? We’ll cover a whole host of security topics to help protect your business from external threats.

IT expert sat in a chair holding a shield and a hand lifting a password from a laptop screen

What to include in your IT resilience plan for 2023

IT leaders must make building a resilience plan a key objective for 2023. Read our guidelines on how to stay in[ctrl] and create a strong IT resilience plan.

Read about IT resilience planning
Business woman holding a clipboard stood next to a server and a hand reaching out and picking up a mobile phone

The 5 steps to building an IT resilience plan

Building an IT resilience plan can be daunting. Follow these steps to keep your business up to speed and ready for anything. 

Building a 5 step resilience plan
Business man surrounded by icons including cloud, wifi, padlock and fishing lines with hooks picking up documents

How to avoid costly phishing attacks 

We examine the impact of phishing, the latest scams, and offer top tips on how to keep your team and business safe from attacks. 

How to avoid phishing attacks

in[ctrl]: who it's for

in[ctrl] is for anyone involved in tech, digital or IT leadership. Those who make decisions. Those who have a say.

  • Chief information officers (CIO)
  • Chief technology officers (CTO)
  • IT managers
  • IT directors
  • IT project managers
  • Technology directors
  • Technical operations officers
  • Information management systems directors
  • Senior IT consultants
  • Technical leads
  • Service managers and directors
  • Anyone interested in IT and technology

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