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The easy route to improving patient admissions 

Speed and accuracy are essential for a safe and seamless healthcare experience. 

Admissions staff are under pressure to provide quick access to accurate, up-to-date files. 

Brother helps the secondary healthcare industry deal with the everyday pressures of digitisation with a range of specialist digital filing scanners. Our versatile offering – including standalone and multifunction devices – means staff face fewer interruptions to patient care and less room for error. 

We understand healthcare admissions

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Increase efficiency

Speed up patient file scanning and centralise patient data. Remove delays to clinicians accessing up-to-date patient records.

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Patient safety

Fast scanning and labelling reduces the risk of mislabelled files or illegible handwriting.

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Link scanning and printing technology with clinical software and patient administration systems.

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Patient file labelling

Enable clinical staff to print and apply individual labels to patient files for clear, accurate records.

  • Compact, space-saving label printers
  • GS1 compliant Barcode label printing for full patient traceability and safety
  • Accurate and clear patient record labels which avoid illegible handwriting

Explore patient file labelling

ADS Brother scanner on white background with medical document scanning

Patient record scanning

Accurately scan healthcare documents and match to patient digital records. Patient information can seamlessly and securely be made available to relevant departments. 

  • Scan direct to a range of pre-defined locations
  • Barcode recognition software delivers effortless automatic digital filing
  • End to end security features

Explore patient record scanning

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