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Increasing efficiency in your practice. Part 5: tQuest & Review

This week we take a look at an innovative approach to the time consuming process of making and monitoring follow-up patient requests.

Ordering tests or investigations into a patient’s health concerns are standard procedure – but they also add to the time pressures currently being experienced by many GPs in the UK.

However, there are some tools that can offer simple ‘point and click’ completion of requests, improved data quality and, crucially, increase GP and patient consultation and care time thanks to an ability to speed up the requesting and reporting cycle.

One such product is tQuest & Review.

Faster, more efficient test requests and results

It can be time consuming to make and monitor follow-up patient requests. Building up a detailed picture by assessing the status and result of these requests can assist in improving patient waiting time and overall quality of care.

Effectively managing the tQuest & review tool, allows primary care professionals to get faster, more efficient test requests and results. The system can help to improve data quality, enhance patient care and increase reporting speed, which in turn can help to better inform healthcare decisions.

This test requesting system runs alongside practice-management software, which allows GPs to order tests and investigations without the need to log into multiple systems. The software also allows users to query previous and upcoming tests. Patient data is then automatically populated, which saves time for each entry.

A user of the software and Lead GP at Wellfield Medical Centre, Siema Iqbal commented, “I don’t know how we managed before online testing – it makes you realise how time consuming filling in the forms was. The project was a brilliant success and we’re pleased to be a part of it.”

Next week, in the final instalment of our look at how technological innovation can increase GP productivity, we meet the system that claims to predict appointment no-shows.

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