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Increasing efficiency in your practice. Part 2: Food Maestro

We look at one piece of software that’s been developed to help alleviate the amount of time spent looking into a patient’s food allergies and intolerances.

With healthcare providers under increasing pressure to implement technological solutions to improve access to care it’s no surprise that some of that focus has shifted towards what other innovations are available to help GPs increase productivity and reduce their workload.

FoodMaestro, in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, is a digital portal that gives GPs immediate information about pre-analysed food product information, to help patients keep track of the food they can and cannot eat. Read more about how this tool can enhance productivity at a GP practice.

A time-efficient research tool

It can be time-consuming to research the latest advice and guidance, when it comes to managing intolerances and food allergies. Having a centralised system to automatically generate this kind of information, would help to create an effective and efficient process for GPs and, in turn, provide patients with better access to information.

FoodMaestro is a resource developed for healthcare professionals that acts as a centralised library of data on UK food products. With the ability to filter product categories by allergy, intolerances and ingredient, the software allows users to share information with patients on more than 30,000 ingredients and associated products. Dr George Du Toit, a Consultant Paediatric Allergist said, “FoodMaestro is a huge breakthrough for allergy sufferers, who have for some time struggled to find a reliable system that they can feel confident using.”

This idea of putting more control back into the hands of patients themselves (bearing in mind the government has already spelled out its desire to eventually give patients full access to their own digital medical records) is very much aligned with a modern approach of looking into different innovations that can increase efficiency at GP practices.

Next week we look at a document management system designed to take some of the administrative load off GPs.

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