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Increasing efficiency in your practice. Part 1: EMIS

In the first of a brand new series we take a look at some of the most effective and innovative tools currently available to help GPs improve efficiency in their practices.

One of the biggest issues facing modern GPs is finding adequate time to deliver a high standard of patient care. From the sheer scale of admin tasks they have to get through to unmanageable workloads and consultation time being eaten up by patients seeking advice on non-health related matters, a GP’s time has never been more precious.

As the population of the UK begins to grow in both complexity and volume the pressure on the healthcare system is only going to increase. Technology, however, may offer some solutions. For example, the 2013 report ‘A Vision for General Practice in the future NHS’ discusses developing new integrated services to deliver personalised, cost-effective care by 2022. If this vision can be realised, the way in which primary care services operate is set to be revolutionised.

With all of this in mind, what technological innovations are out there right now that could not only enhance the patient experience but also make life significantly easier for GPs and practice staff alike?

This week we take a look at EMIS Web

Making the most of patient information

A clinical system for delivering integrated healthcare, EMIS Web allows medical professionals to record and share patient information. It can be used in primary care systems, as well as throughout the NHS, which could cut waiting times and costs, while boosting standards of care.

Building up a detailed picture of a patient can be difficult in only one appointment. Recording and sharing patient information will offer GPs an effective way to gain a holistic picture of their wellbeing.

The built-in management tool allows medical professionals to manage patients throughout the entire care process and is just one example of software that allows healthcare professionals to maximise the use of patient information, improving decisions and the day-to-day running of a practice.

Essentially, this system enables access to vital up to date patient information in one place which increases working efficiency and allows the easy sharing of information between professionals.

EMIS Web aims to integrate clinical systems into every team, which will benefit all concerned; GPs, practice nurses, practice managers, administrative staff and patients alike. Gordon Greaves, Associate Director of IT at the Hinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “The solution has improved communication with GPs and enhanced information flow, which ultimately contributes towards patient safety by improving the quality and speed of patient data between hospitals and GP surgeries.”

It also echoes the continued push towards digitising medical records which, can also enhance efficiency at practices as a patient’s notes will always be immediately accessible, with all of their clinical information held in one place.

Next week we look at how a new system that centralises the management of intolerances and food allergies could improve productivity for GPs.

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