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Scanner launch opens new options for digital documents

We've launched a brand new range of departmental and portable scanners to help offices everywhere bring paper to life. Adding to our successful suite of desktop and portable scanners, the extended range complements an already growing scanner market, expanding at 15%* year on year.

More and more organisations are realising the benefits of digitising their documents. Scanned documents become searchable, editable and shareable offering so many benefits over their paper counterparts.

The PDS-5000 and PDS-6000 are designed for businesses scanning up to 6,000 pages a day and are now Kofax VRS compatible**, perfect for larger companies who are continually archiving paperwork, such as healthcare, government, financial and insurance services. Other features include the ability to scan different media types without pre-sorting or stopping and starting.

Salim Hasan, our product manager, said: “Following the updates to our ADS desktop scanners earlier this year, we’ve now moved into the departmental scanner category, bringing high quality scans and Kofax compatibility to high volume users.

We have also expanded our portable scanner range with the addition of the DS-920DW thanks to strong growth in the category, where we have achieved substantial market share in just two years.

Salim added: “We always look to be at the forefront of providing products to meet ever-changing user needs. The new additions mean that we now have a strong line-up of products for use in numerous categories: portable, compact, desktop and departmental. This gives users the options to find the scanner that fits perfectly to their individual needs.”

**Software not included, all features may not be available

Illustration of paper birds flying out of a Brother scanner