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The challenge

  • Wired non-portable label printers reducing efficiencies due to travel time for some operational processes, travelling on foot to print labels increases the risk of hazards within the warehouse operation

The solution

  • A number of mobile Brother RJ-4250WB label printers, allowing printing from material handling equipment (MHE) and operatives on foot
  • Wireless operation and seamless integration with existing warehouse management software platform
  • Installation support from Brother’s team on-site to ensure smooth implementation

The results

  • Between 60 and 80 hours of staff time saved every month
  • Increased labelling accuracy
  • Reduced pedestrian traffic around the warehouse, boosting site safety



“The Brother solutions are very fast and easy-to-use. The large format of the labels allow us to include all the information we need, and the excellent wireless connectivity means they work reliably.”

Jordan Chaney, Warehouse Manager at Miniclipper




By implementing a wireless labelling solution, award winning warehousing and distribution specialist Miniclipper Logistics based in Central Bedfordshire and East Staffordshire will save hundreds of hours of employee time per year and boost on-site safety.

The firm provides 24-hour logistics services with 600,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and a fleet of more than 50 vehicles. Ensuring each pallet of goods is correctly labelled is a crucial part of Miniclipper’s process. The company applies labels to both in-bound and outbound items.

As the operation grew, the business identified that the labelling process could be more efficient as wired, floor-mounted printers meant operators had to walk to the printer each time they needed to print a label.

To tackle this problem, Miniclipper investigated wireless, portable printers that would allow staff to print without leaving their material handling equipment (MHE) vehicles.

After testing various options, the firm implemented a number of
Brother RJ-4250WB models into its operations.

Faster, safer and more accurate

The compact devices enables Miniclipper’s employees to print the required labels on the spot, shortening the distance they travel around the warehouse, speeding up the picking process and lowering the risk of mislabelling.

Reducing the need for operatives to move around the warehouse on foot has also brought considerable health-and-safety benefits.

Jordan Chaney, warehouse manager at Miniclipper, said “Printing from MHEs is a major time-saver for us as we print hundreds of labels per day. This will increase productivity and minimise the risk of mislabelling.”

Robust, reliable and seamless

The Brother RJ-4250WB is a rugged 4-inch mobile printer that features drop protection up to 2.1 meters, print speeds of up to five inches per second and industry-leading battery life.

Gary Morris, senior end user client manager SPS at Brother UK, said “Accurate and reliable labelling is critical in logistics. While an upgrade in efficiency is always welcome, it can’t compromise on performance. The RJ-4250WB enables operations to increase their efficiency, accuracy and speed of operation.

“Our team worked closely with Miniclipper to ensure the solution would integrate seamlessly with its existing operations and software platform. The units have proven very easy to use on the MHEs, and the solution is a significant time-saver for the picking team.”

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Brother RJ-4250WB rugged 4-inch mobile printer

RJ-4250WB 4" mobile printer

  • Rugged construction (2.1m drop protection) with reinforced parts and moulded rubber housing engineered for improved toughness
  • Smart Li-ion Battery (optional) with industry leading battery life to last a full shift and indicator for health status
  • Bluetooth, USB and wireless connectivity
  • Fast print speeds of up to 5ips
  • Up to 203dpi print resolution

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What was achieved?

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Seamless integration

Wireless operation and seamless integration with the existing warehouse management software platform ensure a robust, reliable solution.

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Increased efficiency

A faster, more accurate picking process has lowered the risk of mislabelling, saving between 60 and 80 hours of staff time every month.

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Improved safety

Operatives can print labels on the spot, reducing the need to move around the warehouse on foot which brings considerable health-and-safety benefits.

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