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ADS2700W scanner with Nuance Paperport software

Nuance Paperport (Windows)

PaperPort aids users to effectively scan, organise, find and share documents (and photos). 

It combines the power of document scanning services, the efficiency of digital desktop organisation and search, and the convenience of high-quality PDF document creation, assembly and sharing in one easy-to-use application. Eliminate paper clutter, go green and organise your home or small office once and for all with PaperPort 12.

Included with:
DS-640D | DS-740D | DS-940DW | ADS-1200 | ADS-1700W | ADS-2200 | ADS-2700W | ADS-2400N | ADS-2800W | ADS-3000N | ADS-3600W


  • Scan to searchable PDF
  • Scan-To PDF Searchable, TIFF, BMP, DOC, XML, XLS, TXT
  • Scanner enhancement tools on the desktop
  • Customisable scanner profiles 

Scanning software

New Soft Presto! Page Manager (Mac)

Presto Page Manager allows you to see your entire file  organisation structure – from the overall picture to the  smallest detail. You can create, write and open PDF files  without file conversion or other applications.

Included with: ADS-2200 | ADS-2700W | ADS-2400N | ADS-2800W | ADS-3000N | ADS-3600W


  • Editing, converting, stacking, and merging  multiple or single page files
  • Storage and synchronization cloud platforms
  • Results can be saved in PDF, HTML, RTF,  or TXT formats
  • Candidate Character Selection window and automatic  correction feature improves accuracy
  • Automatically changes the page orientation  and corrects skew
  • Supports synchronization, TWAIN scanners, multifunction printers, single-and double-sided  scanning, and automatic document feeders

ADS2200 with Newsoft Presto Bizcard software

New Soft Presto Bizcard (Windows, Mac)

Presto Bizcard is a complete contact management solution that lets you scan, edit and synchronise business card contacts to various contact management software applications.

Bizcard is ideal for helping users stay in touch and organise critical business contacts.

Included with: DS-640 | DS-740D | DS-940DW | ADS-2200 | ADS-2700W


  •  Scan and import contact information directly into  Microsoft Office or contact management system
  • Convert images of cards into information that is  available for searching and editing in databases
  • Intuitive and simple user interface for quickly finding  contact information
  • Easily save and manage your contact information
  • Multi-language text display
  • Smart Search feature allows you to quickly find  contact information
  • Option of including the front and back information  from business cards


Brother iPrint&Scan desktop app 

The iPrint&Scan printing process is simple with three basic steps: clicking print, choosing where to print from and selecting the desired document.

You can utilise the iPrint&Scan app to print from, or scan to, various cloud storage services including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive and Apple iCloud. 

Scanning is equally seamless: select the scan option, press share or save and then pick the location of the scan. Copy and fax functions are also available via the app.

Included with: DS-640 | DS-740D | DS-940DW | ADS-1200 | ADS-1700W | ADS-2200 | ADS-2700W | ADS-2400N | ADS-2800W | ADS-3000N | ADS-3600W


Kofax Power PDF

Kofax Power PDF allows users to scan, create, convert, edit, share and eSign PDF files with ease.


  • Create and compile PDF files from almost any document or file type, including multiple files, into a single PDF.
  • Convert PDF files to other file types including Microsoft Office formats, images and more.
  • Edit and enhance PDF documents to change text, pictures, add annotations, apply stamps and more.

Included with: DS-640 | DS-740D | DS-940DW | ADS-1200 | ADS-1700W | ADS-2200 | ADS-2700W