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How to digitally transform your business with Brother's solutions

We explain how our products and solutions can help businesses take a first and cost-effective step to digitising their processes and transforming their business.

Why digital transformation is important

The benefits of going digital are now pretty well understood: it improves cost efficiency, productivity, reliabilitysustainability, profitability, security and builds a better customer experience.

For the clear majority of SMBs, it’s not a case of if you will go digital, but when.

So, how does Brother’s technology help make that happen?

One fundamental aspect of transformation is the digitisation of information.

Digital natives

Today’s digital natives, whether they are your customers or employees, are used to working, shopping and socialising from their laptop, tablet or phone screen, meaning more information than ever before is now digitised.

In sectors from legal to retail, logistics to healthcare, Brother scanners are being used to effectively bring hard copies into the digital space – unlocking information and streamlining operations.

When scanned, files are automatically saved in the right place every time, where they are secure and easy to find.

Once scanned, digital documents become searchable, editable and shareable on screen, whether in the office or on the move, transforming the way people work.

Our portable scanners are an efficient way of sharing business critical information whilst out on the road, enabling a faster way of working and boosting productivity.

Print and productivity

Productivity is clearly a priority for small businesses, and the UK economy, and our cloud-based Managed Print Service (MPS) is opening the door to the kind of efficiencies that were once the preserve of larger organisations and corporations.

MPS is a printer leasing programme that helps digitally transform how you manage your network of printers. It can potentially cut costs by around a fifth every year. 

It means you pay an agreed cost per page for all your printing, while new ink cartridges will automatically be ordered when they are running low. It also means all repairs are taken care of, including parts and labour.

As well as reducing and controlling costs, businesses can monitor all print activity in real time online. This information can be used to improve efficiency, productivity and information security. 

Building the business case

If this sounds complex, we’ll be at your side to design and implement a bespoke MPS solution that’s as individual as your small business.

That could include investing in more versatile and efficient hardware, though MPS typically offers flexible payment options and we can complete a print audit that details the savings that can be achieved - typically around 20 per cent per page printed – to justify the business case. 

There was a time when big business had a distinct advantage over SMBs, as they were the only ones holding the kind of in-house technical expertise and the financial resources needed to drive transformation.

But today’s modern technology is a great leveller, which an online business can leverage to sell online and secure a competitive edge.

Over a third (36%) of the businesses we surveyed in our new report Looking into the tools of Digital Transformation have set aside budget for investing in technology this year, as they move to be more productive (68%), more customer focused (62%) and more secure (62%).

The race is on. Don’t get left behind.

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