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Brother CS-A3301 scanner carrier sheet

Carrier Sheet (Pack of 2)

Designed for use with the Brother ADS-2200 and ADS-2700W desktop document scanners, the CS-A3301 is a pack of 2 carrier sheets. 

The recommended life per sheet before replacement is 500 scans.

Key Features

  • Pack of 2 genuine Brother carrier sheets
  • For use with Brother ADS-2200 and ADS-2700W desktop document scanners
  • Ideal for holding multiple, fragile or irregular shaped objects during a single scan


Carrier sheets are reusable transparent folders that are ideal for housing and protecting fragile or irregular shaped documents (or folded A3) as they pass through the scanner. They can be used to hold multiple objects (such as grouped expense receipts) before passing through in one batch.

The CS-A3301 contains 2 carrier sheets in the pack and has been made for the ADS-2200 and ADS-2700W document scanners.

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