It's criminal the amount that law firms are wasting on paper and ink


Put print costs in the dock

We’ve administered the cure for wasteful healthcare print costs and served technology solutions at a low cost to the high street. Now it’s time to lock up costs in the legal sector.

With Brother at your side, together we’ll examine all of your print, scan and communication requirements – ensuring that the final verdict delivers improved efficiency, reduced costs and greater document security.

From first rate product support, helping you to get the most out of our machines, through to individual and customisable solutions designed and authorised specifically from our head offices in Japan, we go the extra mile to ensure you have the dedicated solutions needed to meet all your business needs.

The case for Brother in Legal 

Exhibit A : Take control of company costs

Our high quality laser printers help deliver accurate documents, including perfect quality images, without costing you a fortune in the process. Our tailored Managed Print Service allows you to benefit from a reduced total printing cost and ensure your business has the best machines for the job: view the evidence by using our MPS calculator.

  • Improve efficiency in the post room

  • See who is printing what and when

  • Employ a sustainable and cost-effective archiving solution

Exhibit B : Cut costs, heighten security and improve efficiency


We understand that high quality printing delivered quickly, reliably and securely, with relevant cost control features, is essential for all legal professionals. b-guard provides additional security measures to ensure that confidential documents and unnecessary printing are managed and monitored.

  • Implement a firm-wide efficient document management system
  • Incorporate permissions and safeguarding features

Exhibit C : Save time and increase productivity 

Our range of digital scanners for office and mobile use deliver high quality documents and images perfect for all document digitisation requirements in the legal industry. Scan and archive original documents straight to the cloud for use by your connected workforce wherever they are, organise paper trails and ensure that no document ever absconds with secure storage. 

  • Access documents wherever you are

  • Take your communications online

  • Enable web conferencing facilities in the office and on the move

Are your print costs too high?

Find out now with the Brother Cost Calculator

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