PT-H200 P-touch Craft Label Printer

Compact and stylish label and ribbon printer. Available in craft retailers.

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Create elegant and professional looking custom labels and ribbons in a wide range of styles, colours and fabrics. Have fun creating modern, stylish labels and ribbons. From personalised wedding stationery and gift wrapping to customised arts and crafts, this machine is fun and easy to use with many creative options. Print decorative labels and ribbons with various patterns using the built-in templates and the easy-to-read graphic display.

Key Features

  • Create durable, colourful labels up to 12mm in width
  • Also print customised messages on ribbons for gift wrapping and events
  • Iron-on tape available for marking childrens clothing with their name
  • Include text, emoji, frames and symbols
  • Labels and ribbons available in a wide range of colours and types
  • Battery operated for portable use around the home


Unleash your creativity

This compact and stylish labeller has many uses all around the home. Enhance your arts and crafting with customised labels and ribbons that contain emoji, frames, and text with different fonts and styles. Label children’s school items, fridge/freezer contents, or files and folders in your home office. There are many uses for a Brother P-touch label or ribbon!


The graphic display lets you easily preview the various symbols, frames, fonts and style before typing your text and then printing your label or ribbon. The dedicated row of function keys make accessing the creative functions quick and simple. 

Fun functions include:

  • 6 fonts with various style options available
  • Continuous frames – your custom message repeats down the tape with a decorative frame above and below
  • Pattern print – choose from several patterns to print on your label or ribbon
  • Symbols and emoji – to add some fun to your printed labels or ribbons
  • 60 frames to accent text on your label or ribbon

Wide range of tape cassette choices

Brother P-touch tapes come in a wide variety of sizes, colours and materials. You can print stickers, labels and ribbons from 3.5mm up to 12mm wide – simply slot-in the relevant cassette and off you go! Click on the supplies tab above to see the full range of tape cassettes. These include:

  • Standard labels in various colours
  • Pastel coloured labels
  • Labels with a patterned background
  • Fabric ribbons for gift wrapping
  • Iron-on fabric labels for putting children’s names in their clothes

Print in many colours and sizes

A wide range of adhesive label colours and sizes, patterned tapes and fabric ribbons for gift wrapping, and iron-on fabric labels for marking names in school uniforms and workwear are available, ensuring that the P-touch Craft will be an invaluable part of your home organisation.

Specification Details

Features and Specifications

Machine type Handheld
Maximum tape width (mm) 12
Battery 6 x AAA (LR03) Alkaline
Cutter type Full
Display LCD
Keyboard type QWERTY
Technology Thermal transfer
Display size 16 characters x 2 lines
Width 3.5, 6, 9, 12mm
Type TZe Tape
Dimensions 111mm (W) x 204mm (D) x 58mm (H)
Weight 0.40 kg
Tape cassettes 12mm gold on white ribbon TZe tape (4m)
Warranty card Yes
Quick setup guide Yes
Warranty 3 years upon registration

Supplies and Accessories