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Brother and cycling, the perfect fit.

Phil Jones MBE, Brother UK MD 

Brother have been providing sponsorship in the cycling sector for many years now, primarily through the provision of two Neutral Support Vehicles, which assist in the domestic racing calendar as well as helping out at many high profile sportives and single day events. 

We saw an opportunity to professionalise the support which had previously been supplied by enthusiastic volunteers in their own vehicles and transform it to the level normally associated with world tour professional races. Rather than just blanket supporting a team with a sponsorship, the Neutral support vehicles support every team and every rider at multiple events, so it really works as a universal support service aligned with our values as a business.

As a keen road cyclist myself, I realised some years ago that the demographic of road cyclists is almost in perfect alignment with the demographic of people who specify and buy our products within businesses so it’s a very good fit. Our motto of ‘At Your Side’ genuinely comes to life as we can offer assistance on mass participation sporting events whilst benefiting from the brand being highly visible on the television and at the roadside for spectators.

We’re into our fifth year of Neutral support sponsorship and our second of sponsoring the Tour of Britain, the single most important domestic race in the UK for female and male riders. As official print and results partner, we’ve supplying much of the hardware which works in the backrooms printing results sheets, journalist press releases and other vital information for the tour organisers and teams. The brand has become well recognised and appreciated by the cycling community for the investment it has and continues to make as the sport grows.