Why Choose OmniJoin?

Move to a more enlightened way to meet

Move your meetings online

Secure, reliable and easy to use, OmniJoin Online Meetings let you work together, side by side with colleagues and clients wherever you are.

Ideal for any form of collaboration…

 …from one-to-ones, webinars and interviews to training session and meetings.

You can bring presentations, websites, documents and videos to life with real-time, any participant editing. Mark work up include and edit amends and comments – perfect for interactive meetings where you need to get things done.

Secure, reliable connections

HD intelligent video technology pre-empts connection problems for clearer communication, while superior security features keep your work confidential. Plus it’s Firewall friendly so that you can connect quickly and easily in most IT networks.

Connect on multiple devices

OmniJoin is designed for multiple platforms. You can share across desktop or on the move with tablets, laptops and iOS devices.

Use on your own network via 'Private Hybrid' for extra security and control

OmniJoin Private Hybrid Cloud lets you utilise the full power of the public cloud version of OmniJoin on your own network for added security. Giving you the peace of mind you deserve when sharing valuable information.

See the Private Hybrid brochure to learn more about the features and client/server requirements.

Quick and easy set up

It’s easy to configure OmniJoin with your camera and microphone so you can effortlessly connect to meetings – and it can also be integrated with Outlook and all Microsoft Office applications.

Record every second, share or take control

Record the event so you can review every minute or catch up on demand and on the go if you missed it. If you want to change the lead, take charge of the meeting or instantly hand control over to another participant.

Open forum or close the chat

If you’re having an idea sessions knock suggestions back and forth using the chat function or ask questions direct to the presenter without interrupting the flow. You can keep the chat as open or closed as you like.

Manage contacts and meetings

Using the OmniJoin Live Contact List, see who’s on line and kick off a meeting in a few seconds.

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