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Online Waiting Room for Healthcare and Beyond

Omnijoin web conferencing

Extend your Healthcare practice with OmniJoin Waiting Room

Free up more time for your patients with the OmniJoin Web Conferencing solution from Brother. Making home visits can incurs large time and travel costs, leaving you enable to see your ever growing list of patients. 

Setting up a virtual Waiting Room on OmniJoin is a simple way of helping you extend your reach, with virtual home visits and waiting rooms that reduce cost, wait and travel times.

Real Time Referrals - simplify and speed up the referral process - save wasted time and money while patients have to be referred for simple changes to their care regime - all this could be done using OmniJoin in real time with specialist consultants.

OmniJoin’s Waiting Room feature is the extension to your practice that means you can see more patients, more efficiently. It’s not only your own time that is saved but also that of your patients. By entering your virtual Waiting Room from the comfort of their own home, you can maintain the high quality of care your patients expect without compromising on the time you can spend with them.

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Easily queue patients and admit/expel with one click

Decrease downtime between appointments by queuing patients in your waiting room. Admitting and expelling patients can be done with just one click, so now you needn’t even hold open the door. As the owner of the Waiting Room, you can view all waiting patients in the online attendee management window and even track the length of time they have been there.

Download the Omnijoin Waiting Room Datasheet 

A truely seamless patient experience

Make logging in to your waiting room the same as walking in to your practice. Customise your welcome ‘in-waiting’ message and logo to greet your patients when they first log in. For them it’s as simple as entering their screen name and waiting to be called. For you, patients are queued in the order in which they entered so you can admit your next appointment at the click of button.

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Read the Brother Spark Blog for ideas on how you can use technology to improve the healthcare services you offer. 

OmniJoin Web Conferencing

Safe secure collaboration

Consult effortlessly with your patients in glitch-free, HD video, while adhering to all the necessary security, authentication and encryption safeguarding measures. Share and annotate patient charts, prescriptions and X-rays with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your compliance obligations have been met.

Read our security white paper 

Brother Omnijoin for Healthcare

Healthcare and Beyond

The OmniJoin online Waiting Room is ideal for healthcare, as well as other applications.

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