OmniJoin Enterprise Packages

In addition to our regular OmniJoin plans, we can also create a bespoke Enterprise package to exactly suit your needs.

A customised Enterprise web conferencing package can include the following extra features, plus much more:
  • Advanced manageability - additional access and feature controls are provided in the OmniJoin administrations console, such as: meeting passwords, disabling remote control and controlling the features available to various users.
  • Advanced security - utilise your own services, bandwith and networks and meet or exceed security requirements such as HIPAA, SCROM or FIPS 140-2.
  • Integrate with existing IT structure - Windows and Mac 'OmniJoin present client' allows your to see online user status or escalate from an instant chat to a full video web meeting.  Meet ad-hoc on the fly.  Send guest invitations by email or schedule via calendar.  Require registration confirmation by web forms - all from the simple presence client via the on-premise Access Point Service (APS) software component.

Looking for additional security features?

We know that keeping online meetings totally secure is a priority for many organisations.

OmniJoin Private Hybrid Cloud – which is only available through our Enterprise packages – lets you utilise the full power of the public cloud version of OmniJoin on your own network, giving you the peace of mind you deserve when sharing valuable or sensitive information.

Ideal for businesses looking for additional security, control and integration, the Private Hybrid Cloud system can be installed on your internal server at no extra cost and with no need for any extra hardware.

For more information about Private Hybrid, view the Private Hybrid Cloud brochure, or contact our expert team using the form below to discuss how an OmniJoin Enterprise package could work for you.