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Healthcare benefits

With OmniJoin you can deliver healthcare without the downtime, and without going anywhere. You can share and collaborate, and join meetings via your smartphone.

Best of all, it is simple to use. You don't need pre-installed software or an account, just click on the link provided by the host.

Delivering healthcare training online is a smarter way to upskill your team, without the downtime.

Use OmniJoin to deliver presentations and interactive video training online, with no loss of quality or understanding. Training becomes more practical for more people, more often, with less of the downtime. You can even record the training and store it securely in a training library.

An online healthcare conference can take your team places, without going anywhere.

OmniJoin lets healthcare professionals exchange the latest thinking through online conferences and webinars, ensuring a faster, easier spread of best practice. Without taking people out of the workplace.

Share and collaborate.

Make critical decisions faster and accelerate the consultation process with easy sharing of reports, x-rays, images, data, video, and documents.

Mobile app gives you the full meeting experience.

Be at the meeting from your Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch®. Consult with colleagues, share reports and data, pre-screen and monitor patients, or attend a lecture, wherever you are.

Ideal for healthcare procurement.

As an approved Crown Commerical Services supplier, OmniJoin is the ideal solution for any public sector organisation available for procurement through the G-Cloud framework for cloud services.

Industry leading security.

OmniJoin is data encrypted to a market leading level of 256Bit AES Encryption and set to be certified to ISO 27001 in 2015 (ISO statement of intent available on request). This means all public healthcare users can have complete confidence their communications will stay confidential.

Simple to use.

Joining an OmniJoin meeting is easy. You just click on the link provided by the host. Anyone can click and join instantly without the need for software or an account. OmniJoin will even automatically configure the user’s camera and microphone.

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