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A surgeon stands in a hospital as she considers the need for telehealth and web conferencing for her NHS Trust

Why OmniJoin for Healthcare

  • A Highly Secure Telehealth Environment: Facilitate your patients’ growing expectations around receiving quality care on demand. Reduce waiting time by delivering the ability to get instant online referrals in real-time, plus accelerate the consultation process with easy sharing of reports, data and documents in HD resolution.
  • An Invaluable Training Tool: Deliver presentations and training online so staff are able to develop and learn without having to leave their workplace. You can even record and store sessions securely in your own training library.
  • Especially Easy to Set Up and Maintain: Scalable to suit everything from one-to-one consultations to 50-person conferences. OmniJoin is compatible with iOS or Android devices and simple to install for both you and your patients.
Web conferencing service OmniJoin in use in a hospital to exchange documents and medical scans

Your Virtual Waiting Room

The OmniJoin Waiting Room allows you to queue and meet with patients quickly, efficiently and securely online. Easily view and manage your waiting patients through your attendee management window, and all activity is archived so you can revisit it later.
A doctor considers video conferencing options

Healthcare Case Studies

Discover more about how healthcare providers are using OmniJoin to improve patient care.

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