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  • Automatically responds to available bandwidth of OmniJoin users
  • Scales to ensure that all participants receive the optimal video experience

Network Simple

  • While many conferencing solutions require multiple network ports - and therefore firewall and network configuration - OmniJoin uses just a single TCP 443 Port
  • This means OmniJoin is always available so your conference call should not require any special configuration, making it easier for you to communicate both inside or outside your organisation

High Encryption Rate

  • Brother International Corporation’s OmniJoin Group and its OmniJoin brand online services comply with ISO 27001:2013, a globally recognized specification standard for information security management systems (ISMS)
  • End-to-end, 256bit AES encryption provides transmission security, and all online meeting hosts are authenticated
  • Ability to region lock customers to country-specific servers so conferences can be configured to be hosted on UK servers only, in line with any compliance requirements

Intelligent Video

  • Intelligent – continuously monitors the capabilities of participants in a conference including their display size and real-time available bandwidth
  • Dynamic – OmniJoin adjusts video encoding quality, in response to challenging bandwidth conditions and attendees’ video layouts decisions
  • Scalable – OmniJoin scales video quality from low resolutions up to HD 1080p Video streams can be ‘floated’ and displayed over multiple screens

Scalable from 1 to 5000+ Users

  • OmniJoin can accommodate everything from one-to-one session to large scale board meetings
  • Choose from our range of plans offering simple name host license through to enterprise concurrent

Supports Multiple Platforms

  • OmniJoin supports: Microsoft Windows, Apple Macs, iOS and Android devices.

Concurrent Licence Mode

  • The Concurrent Licence model allows you to deploy OmniJoin across the entire PC estate without you having to pay on a ‘per seat’ basis, meaning a larger number of your people will be able to access OmniJoin
  • There’s no limit to the number of users that can host a conference, just on the number of concurrent calls that can be active at any one time

Free API for Integrating into Customers’ Workflows and Applications

  • The OmniJoin API is available for Public and Hybrid cloud deployments
  • Integrate advanced collaboration into the customer work flow allowing a custom application or web portal to dynamically create permanent or one-time only meeting rooms based upon templates, and manage virtual meetings rooms within OmniJoin
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Access OmniJoin from Anywhere with the Mobile App

Stay connected whether you’re on the road, at a customer site or in a remote office... Available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices, the OmniJoin video conference app allows collaboration with your team wherever you are.